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It's already been a long time ago.

My first day at Keichan's ramen shop (2006.05.02)

But I still feel that it's just happened only a few days ago :D


On that day , I remember that I got a fever , my nose was so runny and it's raining...

After my Japanese class break , I asked the teacher that could I go back to the dorm now , I felt really bad and her answer was 'YES'

Then I went back direct to my dorm and continue writing everything happened in the concert (NEWS Spring Concert 2006 at Sendai 29-30/04) I just wanted to finish writing it before I forgot something. While I was writing, I was also calling my senpai and I told her that my juniors & I would go to Keichan's shop today. And I asked her to repeat me again 'how to go there'

Actually at that time , I felt I didn't want to go because the fever attached me a lottttt but because my juniors didn't have keitai denwa and they were going back to Tokyo and on the Shinkansen at that time (they went to Osaka for K8 con) so I didn't have any choice, I had to go out and met them at 'Shinjuku Station'.

Seem I arrived first and no one came yet.

After waiting awhile , my senior called me. We tried finding each other so long and when I met them , my senior called me that she would go with us. So we had to wait for her....

And this was the starting point for everything....

We waited for our senior until 7 pm and she took us to catch the train to Sobudaimae.

When we arrived, my senpai said 'Ahh~ this is Kei's shop' and I was sooooooooo excited!! and I couldn't believe why it situated at the station lol~ and then she said 'just kidding you' ... LOL~ We walked down from the station and went straight to Keichan's shop and again my senior asked 'Do you see the yellow advertisement of his shop?' and I said 'YES' then I turned right to the other way. (I know minna were wondering where did I go LOL~) Okay~ this time was my fault, I saw something like the yellow advertisement and I followed it XDDD.

After did a lot of stupid things , we arrived the shop finally!!! HAHAHA

We had to wait awhile for queuing.

The table that we got was the 2nd one from the door (if you used to go there, you will understand it suddenly reading this) And my seat was the inner one opposite the door. My order was 'Miso Shashumen + Tomago' (my fav menu XDDD)

We also ordered 5 dishes of gyoza O_O!!! (A LOT LOL~ )

After finished eating and talking, my senpai asked me that you had some presents for Kei's mom ,right? went to give her and we would go back then. And when I was standing , I saw Okaasan did the hand code something like 'sit down, sit down' and I told senpai that seemed Okaasan had something to talk with you , she told me to sit down. And we continue sitting and waited for her.

BUT! she didn't come to say anything and I stood again.

This time she walked to us and said 'PLEASE WAIT'

At that time , we were already shocked with her word LOL~ yeah~ I knew what it meant.

And I heard she talked w/ someone on the phone, something like you would arrive in 20 min right?

Then she walked passing us again to the refrigerator and said 'would arrive in 20 min'


Then we started talking about him.

We were excited!!!!

The table that his mom prepared for him was near my table, it's the 1st one next to the door.

BUT!!! I saw not only one but there were 4 glasses there!!! OMG!!!

Then we started talking again ... maybe he came with his uni friends , like they always came.

But someone (I can't remember) started saying that maybe NEWS members O_O!!! SHOCKED INDEED!!!!

Well~ I didn't want to disappoint so I said unn~ his uni friend could be more possible...







First thing I heard that 'Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~' and that guy came with their uchiwas ... TEGOSHI  YUYA!!!!!


OH MY GEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~ do you know what was my feeling at that time?
do you know how did I feel???



wanna cry and smile and scream in the same time...

Tego sat near the door with their manager and Keichan and Shige sat together in another side

(Well~ I could see Tego's face clearly)

Shige sat in the same position as me but another table and Keichan next to him.

When they arrived , Okaasan already finished cooking for them.

And Kei's mom called Tego as 'Tego-chan' and Shige as "Shige'

(HOW CUTE IT IS >////////////////< TEGO-CHAN <3 )

I could remember this one clearly... TEGO ATE GYOUZA!!!


And the way , he tried to look around and when found that I was looking at him was super CUTE!!!!!

My junior asked me to change the position with her but I didn't do that

I don't know why either, actually I said to everyone that Keichan was my ichiban. But I didn't feel that I wanted to changed position.

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